Reviews & Recommendations

Esther got the job done.

"My boyfriend and I got our first home thanks to her. She always explained everything well when I did not understand terms as a new homeowner. With all the bumps we hit along the way Esther made sure on her part to not let us lose this house. I could have not asked for a better person to help us with this exciting moment in our life.”-Kali

Esther was very patient in helping me find my new home.

We looked at so many over 1 1/2 years. She answered all of my questions. She returned my calls promptly. She was always gracious even when the houses I wanted to see were 30-40 miles away. The house I ended up buying was shown to me less than 24 hours after I made the request. She was with me at my closing. I definitely recommend her!”-Terri

Our family could not have been any happier with Esther’s assistance in finding our first home.

"We tried to go in equipped with as much knowledge as possible, but we quickly found out that we were ill-prepared for the complexity and rarely-discussed realities that can accompany home buying. Esther’s knowledge of the norms, tendencies, and nuances of real estate, to us uninitiated, seemed limitless. Not only did Esther answer the innumerable questions we sent her day and night, she was often put in the position of counselor to deal with the neuroses that plagued us during the months-long search. Esther was exceptionally responsive and worked hard on our behalf, stalwartly advocating for us when we had concerns, even when they may have seemed marginal. She did well helping us within the constraints of our somewhat unimpressive budget, and seemed to quickly understand the relationship of what we were willing to concede for what we were able to spend. After closing on the home, Esther continued to work hard for us, providing us with resources and advice regarding new home ownership, more detailed tax information (including ways to possibly find tax-breaks), and even warning us of the scavengers that would bombard our mailbox in the coming weeks. Esther did everything we could have asked during our first experience buying a home and more. If and when we’re ready to sell and live the nightmare of home buying again, we would love to work with her again.”-Tamera

It was easy working with Esther.

"She was always available to answer any question or quickly put together a house-showing. No matter the time(we were texting and asking questions late at night), she was never inconvenienced. It was a pleasure working with Esther.”-Rebecca

Words can't express how grateful I am that we had Esther to help us with our home buying experience.

"I truly believe that we would not have been able to get through this process without her and her knowledge and expertise. She went beyond any expectation I ever had, and made sure we were taken care of from beginning to end. Being first time home buyers, my husband and I had a million different questions, and Esther was patient, kind, and quick to answer them all. We needed a house quickly and were having to drive a couple hours to San Marcos to look. Esther Made sure we never had a wasted trip, and even made plans for us when we would make last minute, quick trips to look at houses. She endured our mountain of questions, our countless trips, calls, text, and emails with a patient and kind attitude. She always had an answer or way to help. She went above and beyond to help us understand our loan process and took time out of her busy schedule to check in with us when things got stressful. If you need/want a realtor who will truly care for you, responded quickly, and HELP from beginning to end, then I highly recommend Esther. She is a blessing.”-Danielle

Esther was a true blessing during a very stressful time.

"She went above and beyond to help us throughout the entire home buying process! Highly recommended if you are looking for a dedicated, caring agent!”-Quinton

Esther was such a great help to us in finding a home!

She understood exactly what we were looking for and found plenty within our small budget. Answered questions quickly and kept us updated. Would recommend her to anyone!”-Andrea

Esther worked to find us the perfect home and was quick to assist us in getting an offer in.

"Esther fought on our behalf when issues popped up and tried to make the process go smoothly all the way through closing.”-John

Esther really listened to what we were looking for in a new home.

"Taking the time to understand our needs had a huge payoff because she found us the perfect home, arranged for us to see it as quickly as possible, and worked late to make sure we had our offer in as quickly as possible. She is also so responsive to our questions, always getting back to us immediately. We have compared our experiences to that of our friends and are so glad we went with Esther!”-Amy

Esther has been invaluable in the process of buying our first home!

"Buying a house seemed like a very daunting experience, but Esther made it easy. She was always very quick to respond to any questions we had and would work for us well into the evening to put together time sensitive documents (offers, contracts, etc.). I always felt as though we were her only clients even though I know that's not the case! She also had excellent advice when it came time to put an offer down which was very helpful to us as first time home buyers. Esther was always professional, kind, knowledgeable, available, and approachable. I felt she went above and beyond to help us find and secure the house that was right for us. I would absolutely recommend Esther to anyone!”-Jaimie

I highly recommend Esther as a reference for this area.

“My family and I were relocating from California to Texas and reached out to many real estate people in the area. Esther responded and right away informed us that she would work thoroughly and quickly with our needs, and Esther has not disappointed my wife or myself. Even though we lost our home due to the loan agent, Esther has stayed with us and got my family in a home in a very timely manner. I highly recommend Esther as a reference for this area.”-Susan

Esther knows what to look for and what items would bring concern to a homeowner or renter.

“My wife and I were looking at moving back to South Austin after a decade long absence. Due to work and other issues, we were unable to even go look at the properties. Esther knows what to look for and what items would bring concern to a homeowner or renter. She took the time to go to the property for us and reported back. Being tech savvy, we were able to sign all of our documents online while she spoke with the leasing agent on our behalf. It might sound crazy to have signed a lease on a place we hadn't even seen in person. But this is how much we trust Esther and how much you can trust her as well.”-Mike

If you're in the greater Austin area, Esther Talley is the Realtor you need to use.

“Esther Talley knew we were up against a deadline & rather than not help or tell us it was going to be a struggle, she immediately set up a listing email for us, giving us the ACTUAL rental listings out on the MLS. Anything we asked, she researched to get clarification. Esther drove all the way up to Georgetown, a good 40 miles from where she is, just to turn in a rental application on our behalf. She made sure we had all the steps on each house we were considering. When one house turned out to not work out for us, she was ready to help with another search. We actually found a house we weren't sure of its availability, so we called the listing agent. That person promptly told us we would NEVER get a house rented because of past credit issues (no rental history after a foreclosure), yet when we relayed this to Esther, she told us that she WOULD find us a house that worked for our rental needs. The NEXT DAY we found a house and Esther got all the pertinent info we needed to present to a landlord, and guess what, thanks to Esther's diligence on keeping up with our docs and signatures and working with us 100 miles away from her physically, WE GOT A RENTAL HOUSE. And it was the 2nd one on our wish list!!! If we had another Realtor other than Esther, there would be no way we'd have a house that works for US. We are two students, with two kids, and I work from home. Esther made sure we have enough space to accomplish our needs while living in Austin. If we are afforded the chance to buy in Austin, or need to find another rental in the greater Austin area, my first call no doubt will be to Esther. She has a kind heart and will go out of her way to make you feel like you are her top priority, and is someone who thinks out of the box to make what you need happen. If you're in the greater Austin area, Esther Talley is the Realtor you need to use.”-Rebekah

Esther was very willing and patient to help me find the right home.

"She showed me several homes and asked what I wanted for options. It was her first experience with the VA loans, but she learned quickly and ensured that the the closing went smoothly.”-Philip

Esther showed us many houses until we found the perfect one for our family.

"She helped us negotiate through a difficult situation and got us the best deal possible.”-Dee